About Us

Welcome to Nikkib Sportswear! My name is Nikki Buckmaster, founder and creator of Nikkib.  
I started Nikkib sportswear when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It was a creation that kept my mind busy while he was undergoing treatment. I always had a passion for fashion and sportswear. My husband lost his battle with cancer and I promised him I will make Nikkib Sportswear into a big brand name one day. So here I am. I hope you love my line. 
I designed Nikkib so that you can go from working out, to the yoga club, to the courts, to lunch, and even to dress up for a night out or a romantic dinner. With Nikkib, you can make a statement anywhere!
I'm continually adding luxurious leggings to my collection at a price that will not hurt your wallet. Please take a look at my range of beautiful styles. You will love how you feel in these - morning, noon or night.